Scott Griswold
January 20, 2024

Encountering Jesus at Laodicea

Jesus asked His disciple John to dictate a letter to the church called Laodicea 2,000 years ago. It is the last of seven letters to seven churches that Jesus shared with John in Revelation 2 and 3. Many people view these letters as a prophecy of what God’s people would look like through the centuries from John’s time to the very last days, starting with the first church and ending with the seventh.

Since we believe we are living during the last years of earth's history, Jesus letter to Laodicea, His last letter, should be very important to us with exactly the counsel we need. Consider His words carefully and study further to know the depth of His wisdom and love in the 8 Bible studies Encountering Jesus at Laodicea.

Here is my paraphrase from Revelation 3:14-22:

Dearest Laodicea, I’m writing to any of you who are in some way like an angel to your church, a messenger who loves your church and wants to see it alive, on-fire, and in a close relationship with Me.

I am yours truly, the “Amen,” your True Witness writing as honestly as I can to show you what’s gone wrong with you, My people. Don’t be afraid, because I’m also your Faithful Witness; faithful to the death to find a way to fix every failure and sin.

Besides this, I write to you as the Originator of the creation of God. Since I made the whole world, I can surely remake your heart and our church into a beautiful new creation.

I have been looking carefully at your actions, taste-testing as it were. You are not a hot cup of tea or a cold soda. You are so middle-of-the-road lukewarm that I actually am overcome with nauseousness to the point that I’m about to throw up. I know it sounds awful, and I really want to keep you close to Me, but I’m about to lose you if something doesn’t change.

The reason I’m so disturbed is because you think everything is fine, when you are really in serious danger. It’s like you’re living in a dreamland of luxury and don’t even know you’re a naked and blind beggar, lying along the road, about to die. You say you are a child of the King, but you are bankrupt of love and faith.

Please, please listen to My counsel. I’m Your Heavenly Merchant, stopping by to sell you golden faith that works by love. I also have a gorgeous white outfit I made Myself. It’s My best work, My character of love to cover you with a perfect fit.

Can you see how beautiful My merchandise is? Maybe not yet. Here’s one more thing I’d like to sell you.It’s eye salve for your crusted-over eyes. It’s the Holy Spirit speaking through My Word and it will open for your view everything else I want to do for you.

It’s because I love you so much that I’m telling you how things really are. You truly can buy all these things if with all your heart you turn in repentance and give Me yourself.

I’m not put off by your situation. I’m actually standing at the door of your heart, knock, knock, knocking. I’d really like to sit down and eat together, talk and share everything, but you’ll have to turn the handle and invite Me in.

One last thing. Do you remember how I had to face a lot of battles with the enemy during My life on earth? Through dependence on My Father and by using God’s word, I overcame and now I’m sitting right next to Him on His throne. You can do the very same thing. And guess what. When you take My victory and win these battles, I have saved a seat right next to Me just for you.

I close My love letter to you with an earnest appeal: Read it over and over. Listen carefully; the Spirit is calling every church member. We’re calling you. Love, Jesus.

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